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Add fluid samples to your inspection schedule.

Add fluid samples to your inspection schedule.

Why wouldn’t you want to know?

Testing of your oil or coolant provides a detailed analysis of how your fluid is performing, giving you early warning of potential problems that can result in machine downtime or major component failure

Testing monitors

  • Wear metals such as aluminium, copper & chrome
  • Contaminants such as fuel, water & coolant
  • Excessive build-up of soot & dirt
  • The physical & chemical properties of the fluid


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Your oil sample test will assist with determining the optimum life of the oil under specific operating conditions. Trending results can show from as little as three samples. By detecting potentially serious problems before they happen you can rectify issues early, off-season and before a catastrophic failure occurs.

Sample kits can be purchased through our parts department, or included in your machinery inspection & seasonal maintenance programs.

Take the guesswork out of your machine maintenance program.

Contact to our service or parts teams to find out more.



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