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John Deere X series
Add the X-Factor to your harvest

Add the X-Factor to your harvest

The highly anticipated delivery of the first X Series to John Deere’s Australia New Zealand headquarters in Brisbane this month signalled the arrival of game-changing power and technology to the local grains sector, with three demonstration models headed for Australian paddocks. The X Series joins the tried and tested S Series to offer the most comprehensive and powerful range of harvest solutions available on the market.

“Growers are expecting the X Series to be the next iteration of our proven S Series in terms of performance, but this machine will deliver a significant step-up in harvest capacity,” said John Deere Australia New Zealand Productions Systems Manager, Ben Kelly.

The X Series Dual Separator with a wide feeder house, offers the largest threshing and separation capacity John Deere has ever offered and a seven square metre Dyno-Flo™ XL Cleaning Shoe to deliver 36% more cleaning area than the S790 combine to deliver an impressive capacity surge.

For comparison, the smaller of the X Series offering, the X9 1000, has 1% more horsepower than the largest S Series, the S790, yet is capable of delivering significantly more capacity.

“For some operators, the S Series will remain the perfect, high-performing workhorse, and it may be that buying additional S Series machines will make the most sense for the unique needs and operating conditions of their business.

“However, the X Series delivers a size and capability which we haven’t offered here before and we are extremely excited to see it in Australian paddocks this season”.

“What makes this harvest capacity even more impressive is that it is achieved with higher fuel efficiency thanks to our award-winning drivetrain design — and with minimal grain lost which means more money in growers’ pockets.”

The X Series isn’t just for large scale farming enterprises. It offers a game-changing harvest solution for growers pushed to get high-yielding crops off in tough threshing environments.

“Growers who have had to bide their time early in the day waiting for damp straw to be ready to thresh, and then again later in the day when moisture levels increase making threshing and separating tough, can now pick up extra harvesting time morning and night,” Mr Kelly said.

“By book-ending the day, the X Series takes the reliability of the S Series and super-charges it for all day performance to get crops off sooner to avoid weather risks.

“The demonstration units which recently arrived are an opportunity for customers to see firsthand the machines in action in Australia and understand what it means for their business.”

The complete harvest solution

The X Series doesn’t just broaden John Deere’s harvest line-up, it also complements the existing S Series, which has just clocked up a decade of reliable performance.

“Heading into harvest, the S Series is the proven workhorse which sets the standard for consistency and reliability, giving growers confidence they can get their crop off in a timely manner, pass after pass.”

John Deere’s commitment to providing whole-farm solutions means the X Series works hand-in-hand with the S Series, ensuring seamless integration into existing fleets.

Both the S Series and X Series connect to the John Deere Operations Center, a cloud-based, central location where growers can digitally share machine or operational information with trusted partners and advisors.

Combine Advisor™, a suite of technologies designed to maximise harvesting profits, has been available for the S Series since 2018 and will also feature in the X Series.

Combine Advisor™ is underpinned by award-winning ActiveVision™ camera technology which automatically changes the combine harvester’s settings, as harvesting conditions change, to maximise grain quality, minimise losses and improve productivity.

“The ability of our machines to automatically adjust themselves maximises the operator’s productivity and efficiency throughout the day,” Mr Kelly said.

“This also means more tonnes in the bin, and minimises quality downgrades, for an earlier finish and a more profitable and productive harvest.”

Get in front with new platforms

Four next generation platforms, including the Hinged Draper series, Rigid Draper series, the Belt Pickup, and Corn Heads, are also now available on both the X and S Series, to further round-out John Deere’s harvest solutions.

This includes the widest ever front, which measures an impressive 15.2 m (50ft.), to support higher harvesting capacity so growers can cover more hectares an hour, while minimising grain loss across a large range of crops and conditions.

“The star of these platforms is the Hinged Draper with Rigid Cutterbar (HDR). For customers who need to harvest in a variety of terrain, the industry-leading HDR platform offers the versatility to harvest as a rigid off-ground platform or an on-ground terrain-following platform,” Mr Kelly said.

Optional John Deere Grain Saver Draper Belts can also help to reduce canola cutterbar loss by up to 25% when compared to traditional, smooth draper belts.

John Deere HDR Rigid Cutterbar Drapers are ideal for small grains, canola and pulse growers who want to maximise their harvester’s hectares per hour across various crops, changing conditions and uneven or rolling terrain, while capturing more grain — especially for down or lodged crops.

Confidence through readiness

As the countdown to harvest begins, John Deere dealerships are gearing up to support customers, and Mr Kelly said now was the time for growers to ensure their equipment had the latest software installed and were ready to collect valuable harvest data.

“Yield data is a critical layer in understanding the crop’s performance and you only get one shot to collect it. So, now is the time to work with your local dealer to ensure your technology is up to date so you can take advantage of the benefits it will provide,” he said.

Orders are now open for growers to secure John Deere harvesting solutions for the 2022–23 harvest.

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