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John Deere X-Series harvester1

X-Series Harvesters

The X-Series Combine Harvesters, available in two models, offer large-scale farmers the ability to thresh, separate and clean more tonnes per hour and harvest more hectares per day, without risking grain loss or quality. The Dual Separator (XDS) has the largest threshing and separation areas ever offered and the X9 is available with integrated precision ag technologies for important machine and yield data collection, improving harvesting results.

S-Series John Deere harvesters

S-Series Harvesters

S-Series Combine Harvesters offer unprecedented rotary threshing and separating performance.
The unique single-tine separator and exclusive TriStream™ crop-flow design provide superior material-handling performance in all conditions and higher levels of crop-harvesting capacity, as well as excellent grain quality.
Choose from the five model line-up ranging from Class 5 through Class 9.

T series combine harvester John Deere

T-Series Harvesters

T-Series Combine Harvesters commonly used for wheat, canola and barley offer smooth, direct crop flow and the largest active separation of any small-grain, walker combine on the market.
It’s a Class 7 combine that pairs conventional threshing technology with the Tangential Tine Separator. From the threshing system back, the T670 uses straw walkers to gently separate grain from the crop mat.

Draper platforms john Deere harvesters

Draper platforms

Don’t leave any crop in the field with one of John Deere’s high performance rigid or hinged frame drapers. Covering a variety of widths, ranging from 9.1-m to 15.2-m models, the all-new line of hinged drapers are designed to reduce total header loss, while consistently maintaining desired cut height to put more grain in your tank.
John Deere corn heads

Corn Heads


More hectares, higher yields and tough stalks are real challenges at harvest. That’s why our corn heads are robust enough to cut the toughest, thickest crop with ease to help ensure every kernel makes it inside the machine.


Augur platforms John Deere harvesters

Auger Platforms

Engineered to match the high performance and capacity of John Deere’s combine harvesters, our auger platforms are equipped with a range of performance boosting features for unmatched flexibility to run faster and cut cleaner over uneven ground.


Belt Pickup Platform

Offer high levels of smooth crop-gathering and feeding performance in windrowed grain.



seed terminator

Terminate Seeds before they become weeds, as you harvest with the Seed Terminator.

Integrated Technology for your Combine

Where other manufacturers bolt-on their off the shelf precision products, John Deere technology is an integrated part of the combine. From basic guidance to advanced data collection and analysis, John Deere makes it simple.

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