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100% Australian made water cartage tanks, diesel tanks, firefighting equipment and spray equipment for farmers and civil applications.

Water Cartage Trailers

With more than 20 years industry experience in water cartage trailers, TTi has developed a water cart trailer that is going to save time, money and hassle. The Patrol15 is built around TTi’s signature UV stabilised water cartage tank, which is moulded in house by TTi, and backed with a 20 year warranty. With sizes ranging from 800 Litres through to 3000 litres, there is a sure to be a tank size to suit your application!

Water Cartage Tanks

TTi is Australia’s leading manufacturer of UV stabilised, impact resistant, polyethylene water cartage tanks. Designed to withstand the rigours of any work you throw at them, these water cartage solutions are just the solution you’ve been looking for. Spanning from 20 to 17,000 litres, including the popular 1000 litre water tank, the AquaTrans range has the poly water cartage tank for your UTE, Truck or Trailer.