Planning Ahead

Covid has far-reaching impacts on your planning During the past 12 months Covid restrictions in factories and component shortages have impacted the production of a

Seed Terminator Information

Our Cummins branch was host to a Seed Terminator information day on August 24. The day incorporated staff training session and an information session for

Add the X-Factor to your harvest

John Deere X series

The highly anticipated delivery of the first X Series to John Deere’s Australia New Zealand headquarters in Brisbane this month signalled the arrival of game-changing power

Students gain insight into farming

Students from Gladstone St Josephs Parish School visited our Crystal Brook branch earlier this month. The visit was part of the school’s electives program. This

Tractor features on display

AutoTrac Turn Automation gives you a complete solution for accurate and repeatable end-of-pass turns throughout the entire field.

New leading hand at Cleve

We are pleased to welcome James (Jimmy) Irwin to the position of leading hand at our Cleve branch. Jimmy completed his apprenticeship as a diesel