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Broad support from skilled technicians

Broad support from skilled technicians

The recent John Deere technician awards program gave us the opportunity to further recognise the skills and contributions of some of our key staff.

One of our nominees was technician and workshop foreman Tony Fitzgerald.

Nick Heath, Crystal Brook branch manager presented Tony with a gift on behalf of Pringles Crouch in recognition of Tony’s nomination.

Tony joined us in 2015 as a Level 1 Technician, but due his his leadershi and ability was elevated to workshop foreman in a short period of time.

In his role as a technician he has brought to the workplace an incredible focus and ability to stay on task to ensure our customer’s need and requirements are met with satisfaction. Tony understands the importance of reducing customer downtime and has implemented thorough processes and structure to have machinery operating as soon as possible whilst maintaining the quality of work expected.

 With no background in farming or farm machinery one his early challenges was trying to understand what the machines did. He got around that by staying/going back to the customer after hours and being with them when they used the machinery to understand how they worked and how to get the best outcomes to suit their needs.

The skills Tony now possesses are beyond his qualifications as a diesel technician and auto electrician. His electrical knowledge is backed by his practical capabilities and presentation of work. He is constantly seeking extra knowledge and training to understand all machinery and where he can apply new methods in his role.

Tony communicates clearly with the team and gives instructions based on his own experience and practices that increases efficiency throughout the workshop

Family values

“I enjoy working for a smaller family-owned company where you are respected and encouraged” Tony said. “Working with John Deere equipment is great as it has such a large variety of machinery that operate differently but all have a common mechanical set up and operating systems that link together”

Tony shows a willingness to provide assistance at all hours, embracing John Deere technology.

“I remember a call-out to a new harvester at 4pm. As the tech in the field I performed diagnostics, talking back and forth on the phone with my Service Manager who was at the dealership, who was in turn talking to John Deere technical support in America. This went on until 12pm at night, we had diagnosed the problem and got the combine driving and the customer able to continue harvest.   

Tony provides many examples of going above and beyond for customers. His standard of work ethic aids him to treat customer machinery as his own which is often highlighted by repeated customer requests for his involvement on their equipment.

He is also involved in supporting, developing and mentoring the team around him working with pride to build a positive and knowledgeable team.

A recurring theme that we find from our customers is the passion and pride that staff like Tony have for their work, the John Deere product, and the relationships they develop with customers. We are glad to have you on-board. We congratulate you on your nomination in the inaugural John Deere award program in 2021.

Career Opportunities

If you would like to find out more about a career with Pringles Crouch visit our careers information page or check for current vacancies on our employment page.

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