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Golf Club wins John Deere poly cart

Golf Club wins John Deere poly cart

Pringles Crouch is very excited to announce the winner of our Free Polycart draw is the Gladstone Golf Club.

Since the beginning of June this year we have been offering free entry into a draw to win a John Deere 7P Poly Cart to anyone who purchased a John Deere ride-on lawnmower.

Man with a John Deere 7P poly cart

Earlier this year when the Gladstone Golf Club was looking to upgrade their mower the decided on a Z530M Z-TrackTM  

Along with the comfortable operators station and easy to use controls the you would expect from the John Deere range, these mowers allow the user to mow easily around obstacles such as trees. It’s an important consideration on a golf course! The 48 inch cutting deck allows the golf course groundskeeper to cover large areas with ease.

The addition of the polycart to the Gladstone Golf course will increase the versatility of their mower. The strongly built high density polyethylene cart has ribs in the bottom for extra strength, has molded channels on each side for the insertion of dividers to separate the box into two or three compartments, and a spring loaded dump latch which allows tilting for easier unloading.

When Chris from Crystal Brook rang  Dennis from the Golf Club to let him know of their win he was speechless and delighted at the club’s windfall. Dennis is pictured here collecting the John Deere 7P Poly Cart from our Crystal Brook branch.

Congratulations to the club. We are sure there will be a bit of competition off the course from members wanting to try out your new equipment.

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