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Introducing the new P600 Air Hoe Drill from John Deere

Introducing the new P600 Air Hoe Drill from John Deere

John Deere has introduced a new range of P600 Precision Air Hoe drills to decrease compaction, labour time and fuel consumption, while optimising productivity and seed to soil contact.

The P600 series hoe drills are direct replacements for the P500 series and its predecessor the 1870. These previous models were offered in 40’ (12.2m) and 56’ (17m) widths. This means that the P600 series will provide more options, and at standard increments to better suit Australian farming preferences. A 40’ size continues, with the addition of 60’ (18m), 80’ (24m) and 90’ (27.4m) models.

As well as providing more choice with working widths, the P600 series also offers 10” and 12” row spacing’s across all models. This gives customers more choice in the compromise between handling higher stubble loads and using less horsepower, or better seed bed utilisation and competitive crop establishment.

The P600 Precision Air Hoe drills deliver up to a 15.5% larger working width and 24% weight reduction compared to the P500.

The P600 series are equipped with new dual knife openers to give precise seed and fertiliser placement on every row. This gives a uniform and consistent crop establishment on every row. The new dual knife openers consistently place fertiliser 1.5” (3.8 cm) horizontally and ¾” (1.9 cm) vertically away from the seed for even emergence and equal access to nutrients.

The openers are fitted standard with a crop deflector to increase residue flow for better performance in high stubble load conditions.

The maintenance free pivot point and long wearing knife points keep maintenance to a minimum for more productivity.

The new openers also have a quick change depth setting to enable growers to quickly change to the optimal seeding depth for each crop type and paddock conditions.

Pringles Crouch sales manager Lindsay Crouch said the P600 will offer more flexibility for small grain farmers. “We aim to give farmers a comprehensive choice of equipment to meet their needs and preferences,” he said.
“The launch of the new P600 lineup means we have seeding bars in a range of working widths for both disc and tyne, which match up perfectly to the 1910 and C series John Deere aircarts for maximum productivity and efficiency” Crouch added.

The P600 series is equipped with relative flow blockage monitors, which integrate fully into the John Deere air carts and John Deere displays in the tractor. A JDLink™ connection from the tractor to the John Deere Operations Center™ makes it easy for customers to monitor what’s happening in the field during seeding and collect valuable data to inform decision making post seeding.

The new P600 Air-Hoe Drill will be available for order in 2023 for delivery in early 2024.

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