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New products create interest at Paskeville

New products create interest at Paskeville

At the recent Yorke Peninsula Field Days at Paskeville we were able to partner with fellow John Deere dealers Emmetts and Eglinton Bros. to showcase the latest in John Deere machinery.

Even with the restrictions on the event forced by Covid regulations there were still good crowds and strong interest in the machinery on display.

John Deere X9 1100

Creating high levels of interest was the John Deere X9 1100. Recently arrived in Australia this is one of the first opportunities we have had to see and touch the latest from John Deere harvesting technology. Designed for farmers who need more harvesting capacity, the X9 series have a dual separator paired with a new, larger cleaning shoe and wider feederhouse for greater harvesting efficiency.

According to independent testing by the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI), the X9 1100 with HD50R header delivered 28% more harvesting capacity with no sacrifice in grain quality when compared with equipment from other manufacturers.

The John Deere X9 will be travelling around SA in the coming months so keep an eye out for it!

A targeted spray solution

Also of interest to farmers was the John Deere 616R self-propelled sprayer incorporating infra-red See & SprayTM Select technology.

An effective targeted spray solution it is built on the strong foundation of John Deere’s ExactApplyTM to provide farmers with two time-saving sprayers in one.

Using See & Spray Select, farmers and contractors can apply complex tank mixes more efficiently and easily switch from targeted to broadcast spraying without leaving the comfort of the tractor cab. A 400 or 600 Series Sprayer factory equipped with See & Spray is the only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) solution which delivers this capability in the Australian and New Zealand market

See & Spray Select has an integrated camera technology that rapidly detects green plants on stubble and fallow ground, and automatically triggers an application to those plants. In doing so, it achieves a similar hit rate to traditional broadcast spraying2 but uses, on average, 77% less herbicide1. Research has shown that weeds sprayed with complex tank mixes with more than two modes are 83 times less likely to develop resistance

Manual seed control

The John Deere S790 harvester display was fitted with a Redekop SCU (seed control unit). Fast becoming a key tool in a farmers weed control strategy, the Redekop unit destroys weed seeds at the time of harvest. This greatly depletes the current seed levels going into the seed bank so germination isn’t possible and there are less weeds to manage in following years.

Forward Order now

Forward order has long been your best way to get the machine you want with the specifications you need. With Covid impacting global supply and freight logistics it offers even more advantages that help you manage your equipment and your budget. 

To find out more about the latest John Deere equipment & your forward order options contact your closest Pringles Crouch branch today.

1Based on tank-level sensor values taken at a steady state on John Deere sprayers equipped with and without See & Spray™ Select, before and after covering 75,000 acres of fallow ground with a typical weed pressure of 3,000 weeds per acre, using small and medium spray-length settings starting at 2.3 to 3.2 ft. (0.7 to 1 m), and average growing conditions (seasonal precipitation and temperature) across the US and Canadian Plains and Australian farms. Spray-length settings varied based on ground speed, spray pressure, and boom height. Sprayers were equipped with current hardware and software at time of study. Individual results may vary based on field and growing conditions, weed pressure, spray-length settings, and software version.

2Based on 56 agronomic studies of See & Spray™ Select on fallow ground. Sprayers were equipped with current hardware and software at time of studies. Individual results may vary. For details, visit

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