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Seed Terminator Information

Seed Terminator Information

Our Cummins branch was host to a Seed Terminator information day on August 24.

The day incorporated staff training session and an information session for customers. Dr Nick Berry and Mark Bastian from Seed Terminator led the sessions.

During the morning about 15 of our service, parts and sales staff from across Eyre Peninsula attended. They reviewed the benefits and recent upgrades to the Seed Terminator which increase the durability and efficiency of the machine.

All our staff developed a better understanding of how a seed destruction unit works, why it was developed and what the benefits are for farmers when combatting weeds. The service team in particular, gained valuable insights from detailed discussions with Dr Nick Berry who has been an integral part of the Seed Terminators development since the beginning.

During the afternoon our customers were given the opportunity to discuss the advantages of the seed terminator. Those present see it as a very effective non-chemical method of weed control. And, in a no-till farming operation manual seed termination is the only non-chemical way to control pest weeds in a no-till farming operation.

Incorporating the Seed Terminator into their weed control program is becoming a valuable and cost-effective alternative to spray or tillage.

If you would like find out about fitting a seed terminator to your John Deere harvester contact one of our sales team for assistance.

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