Seed Terminator Information

Our Cummins branch was host to a Seed Terminator information day on August 24. The day incorporated staff training session and an information session for

Tractor features on display

AutoTrac Turn Automation gives you a complete solution for accurate and repeatable end-of-pass turns throughout the entire field.

John Deere launch DataConnect platform

John Deere DataConnect links multiple brands of machinery John Deere Australia announced on November 6 that their innovative platform, DataConnect, has gone live. DataConnect is

John Deere Operations Center

John Deere Operations Center. Farm Technology built into John Deere Machinery which takes remote management to the next level. Operations Center allows you to farm

John Deere Australia Farm Machinery

John Deere Agricultural Farm Machinery – Tractors, Harvesters, mowers and enhanced Precision Agriculture Technology. Pringles Crouch supply and service all John Deere Farm equipment. We

New and Used Harvesters for Sale

New and Used Headers Combine Harvesters for sale. Pringles Crouch have a large range of New & Used Header Combine Harvesters for sale in Australia.

Choosing the right Tractor

Choosing the right Tractor When you are looking for a new Tractor can be confusing to find the Machine to suits your needs. Tractors are