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Transmission options for your small to mid-sized tractor.

Transmission options for your small to mid-sized tractor.

Used in a wide variety of applications and available in an extensive model range, John Deere 5 series and 6 series tractors are extremely versatile. To meet the needs of operators these tractor ranges have a range of transmission options.


This transmission makes it easy for operators to find the right speed. It delivers four clutch-free power shifts in each range. After the operator has selected a range for their task, they can then simply use the clutch less push-button shifting between the 4 gears in that range. All PowrQuad transmissions include a left-hand reverser that allows the operator to flick a lever to change directions. This is valuable for loader work


AutoQuad PLUS with four powershift gears combines technology with well-proven design features for reliability, high efficiency, convenient operation and low noise levels. Increasing the performance of the tractor, this option allows the operator to program the transmission to shift up or down with a range automatically (senses the size of the load).


The CommandQuad Manual is a 4-range, 4-speed transmission that enhances operator convenience and productivity through fully electronic manual range and gear shifting. Rather than using mechanical synchronizers, the CommandQuad Manual utilizes powershift clutches. Also, electrohydraulic cylinders move the shift rails instead of a mechanical lever. This provides excellent ease of use and more efficient operation.

The CommandQuad Manual transmission is equipped with 16 forward and 16 reverse (16F/16R) speeds, a left-hand reverser, and four powershiftable gears in four fully synchronized ranges. The CommandQuad Manual transmission also comes with open centered hydraulics in base equipment, with the ability to option up to pressure and flow compensating (PFC) hydraulics from the factory. The base CommandQuad Manual transmission operates at speeds as slow as 1.9 kph (1.18 mph) with rolling circumference index (RCI) group 44 rear tyres, and speeds up to 40 kph (25 mph).

For even slower speed options, a creeper is available as a factory-installed option ( it requires PFC hydraulics). Gear shifts can be executed using a single lever, which operates similarly to a PowerShift transmission. The transmission can be upshifted by pressing forward, and downshifted by pulling back the lever. Soft shift is an intelligent system that adjusts the engine rpm during range shifting, depending on the tractor load. Shifting occurs quickly and seamlessly with little effort by the operator from inside of the cab.

 Which is your best option?

Your choice of transmission should reflect the way you use your tractor. Do you need to maintain a steady speed for long periods, or do you require shorter bursts under heavy load. Whatever your needs there is an option that will reduce operator fatigue and increase your efficiency.

Not all options are available on all models. Additional options such as IVT and Powershift  may be available on the higher horsepower 6 series tractors. To discuss the best available option for you contact your closest Pringles Crouch branch.

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